Help Eets find all the pieces

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Directly inspired from the classic Lemmings, Eets is a intelligent game in which you'll have to guide a cute little creature through different obstacles and dangers. To succeed you'll need to influence Eets behaviour by feeding it pills. If Eets is happy, Eets will move normally. If Eets is sad, Eets will move more carefully and will avoid dangers. If Eets is angry it will be able to jump higher. Manage those pills and other extra objects wisely and you'll get through the hundred plus levels safely.

Eets is easy to pick up, and features tons of unique, crazy characters. Prankster Whales, Superpigs, Radioactive Ginseng... we have them all! Our puzzles are easy to play, but hard to master. We've got over 100 puzzles built-in, with enough for every type of player.



Eets 1.0